Upbux – The Truth

The truth behind the lies- and a serial scammer behind Upbux.

As many of you know, Upbux.com was one of the most promising “new” PTC sites. Great design, instant payment, 4 ads everyday, cashout at $2 and a forum run by a nice and trusted admin.

People said Upbux was as good as Neobux, perhaps even better. They started to invest, promote the site, renting referrals. And the more they cashed out the more they invested.

Until Paypal “struck”.

Or it didn’t?

At the beginning it was just a small issue with the most famous payment method; nothing to worry about, according to Upbux’s admin. Situation started becoming worse and worse, to the point of no return: Upbux’s paypal account got limited.

The admin immediately began to work in order to fix it; he reassured his users “Upbux won’t give up! Please send the following email to Paypal, say you trust us!” and “Even without Paypal we will carry on, there are other payment methods!

Then Upbux closed. Surprised?

Upbux’s members never got a reply. Login was disabled, as the rest of the site. After a week or so, it was definitely closed. No hope anymore. How could this happen?

Let’s recapitulate.

Upbux was a "honest" PTC site. Paypal gets suddenly "evil" and limit the account. Upbux closes. Members lose a lots of money. Whose fault is that?

Let’s see it again.

1) Upbux’s admin is Portuguese. He said so, you can ask any of his site’s members. Is this true?

- No. He is Brazilian. He also seems to be the ex owner of another (closed) scam site, Godbux.

2) Upbux account was limited. Limited does not mean frozen.

- Upbux was never frozen.

3) Admin tells his member to ask for refunds. Then, a few days later, this statement disappear.

Magic! Is this Paypal’s fault again?

- No.

4) "AlertPay and Liberty Reserve will be available. Also Neteller will possibly be added as a option to cash out."

- If so, why we coudnt cashout in these?

5) "Paypal Mafia"?

- I disagree with this so called "Paypal Mafia" perception. Paypal is a ebay company. It is a business that has shown in the past that does not like to deal with ptc sites. They don't like to be apart of sites that have a potential of becoming a fraud. History has shown this over and over again. Nothing new here.

I was an Upbux member. Fortunately I did not invest.

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