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The sites presented here are very good to generate traffic to your own website or to promote your ref link. And the sweet part is that you can invite a lot of visitors free of charge using these sites. To advertise your site for money is very easy, if you are willing to pay. We don't have to search too much. There are the PTC sites, they will be more than happy to display your ad. For money. Howover, you can even earn money on these sites but that is a small amount. It is some kind of bonus, if you are active enough you'll get a few bucks. You can convert them into credits or request to pay out.
Using these sites you will have the benefit of an increased traffic to your website, thus you can make a direct profit. Another benefit of increased traffic is not that obvious at first glance. If you promote your site long enough the search engines will start to pick up your link and enhance your ranking.

EasyHits4u is a very good traffic exchanger site. Simple to use and effective. They are eight years in business and they have more than 75.000 members.
The traffic exchange ratio here is 1:1 (if you choose to watch the 20 seconds ads) from the beginning and this won't change. That means you have to watch a page in order to get a visitor to your site. This is a very good ratio, most traffic exchanger sites have 2:1 ratio.
Signing up you get 100 credits to start with. You can accumulate more credits by surfing through the pages, and for your referrals activity. Referral system is 5-level deep for Regular Members and 6-level deep for Premium Members.

For every 1000 surfed page you'll receive $0.30, and $0.10 for your every referral that surfed 100 pages. The payout limit is $3, and can be withdrawn to Payza or PayPal. This feature of being paid with real money makes this site unique. You can reach the payout threshold even faster by choosing the 15 sec surfing option, tough you'll get only 0.5 credit for surfed page in this case.

There are four Premium Member packs for sale, starting with 1 Month - 6.95$. Being a Premium Member means that you'll get some additional benefits, even referrals in your down line. Your banner can be displayed on this site, as well. For 1 credit you'll get 25 banner impressions.



The Traffic Swarm is one of the best, if not the best Traffic Excahange site out there. This site is the Winner of Web 2.0 Award for Best Marketing Application.
The exchange ratio on this site is very advantageous. On the average you get 3 credits for every visited page. That means for every visited page by you, your site will get 3 visitors in return! And you can select which sites category you want to visit. So, if you want you can visit only the sites that interests you. Surfing the pages you might find links entitled like this: "Fraud Test - DO NOT CLICK" or "DON'T CLICK - Cheat Test" or something similar. Avoid this links, do not click them, it will be considered abuse of the site, your account might be deleted.
There is a five-level deep referral system here, having a few referrals will assure a lot of visitors to your site. You'll get 100 free credits for signing up.


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